Monday, August 10, 2015




 Poet Yosabanta Das said in Prema Bhakti Brahma Gita  :-

"Tahum Se Ambhe Tini Bhrata Yekante Bhaliu Gupata. 
Rahilu Se Purusottam Nitya Rahasa Arupam. 

Ye Rudra Balabhadra Rupa Atanti Ananta Swarupa. 
Ambe Shree Jagannath Dehi Brahma Subhadra Hoi Tahi. 

Radha Gupata Anga Heu Atma Sangate Puja Pau. 

Poet Yosobanta Das, one of the great poet of Panchasakha group told that Balaram, Srikrishna and Subhadra took rebirth in Purusottam Dham as Balabhadra, Jagannath and Subhadra who are the Supreme Gods Rudra, Vishnu and Brahma respectively.

Sarala Das one of the greatest poets of medieval India in his magnum opus Sarala Mahabharat in 15th Century AD already told the same thing-

"Rama Krishna Subhadra Je E Tini Pratima 
Shree Purusottame Bije Hali Hari Brahma"

  1. Rudra-Jamala – Rudra refers to Lord Siva and jamala is a book of rituals. It tells of the rituals connected with the deity Balabhadra. 
  2. Tantra-Jamala – Tantra refers to esoteric forms of worship, mystic practices having spiritual power. In it are contained many diagrams that draw these powers down through their visual forms. Every day in the temple such diagrams are drawn in front of the deities where the offering of food is placed. It also contains instructions on the worship of Subhadra. 
  3. Brdhma-Jamala – This deals with the rituals to be followed in the worship of Lord Jagannath.